Lawsuit Alleges Medical Management Group Systematically Violates Disability Rights

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Medical Management Group, which schedules Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs). It alleges this for-profit company systematically violates the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability discrimination laws.

Disabled people with claims like worker’s compensation and personal injury often have to complete IMEs. The complaint charges that Medical Management Group routinely ignores disability rights in scheduling these required medical exams. MMG sends disabled people to IMEs that are not ADA compliant—their offices have a step, inaccessible bathroom, or other barriers; or they refuse reasonable requests for disability accommodations, the lawsuit says.

The case does not seek money for the class, but asks the court to order MMG to comply with the law and to provide accessible IMEs to the class.

If you have had problems related to your disability at an IME scheduled by Medical Management Group, contact Maia Goodell, 646-585-3165,

The Complaint can be found here: