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Wage & Hour

Kakalec Law represents workers who have not been paid the wages the law requires. We bring claims based on unpaid minimum and overtime wages, misclassification of employees as “independent contractors,” and other types of wage theft. We help workers recover the wages and damages owed to them for their work.

Discrimination & Harassment

We represent employees who experience discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and other protected categories, and we also represent people who are sexually harassed at work.

Employment Counseling

We consult on employment agreements at the beginning of employment, and severance agreements at the end. We negotiate with employers and advise employees on issues such as non-disclosure agreements, non-compete clauses, severance payments, and releases.

Disability Rights & Justice

Led by Maia Goodell, our disability rights and justice practice specializes in helping people with all types of disabilities address individual and systemic discrimination, negotiate accommodations and achieve equity in employment, housing, higher education, transportation and public accommodations.

  • Veterinary Information Network News: Veterinary pathologist sues Zoetis for pay discrimination
    VIN News reports on our client Dr. Yvonne Schulman’s Equal Pay lawsuit against international animal health company Zoetis: “Dr. Yvonne Schulman of New Hampshire, an anatomic pathologist, alleges that she was paid about $105,000 less than one male colleague and $70,000 less than a second male colleague, both of whom had far fewer years of experience…
  • Kakalec Law Files Discrimination Complaint Alleging Persistent Sexual Harassment by McDonald’s Franchise Manager
    NEW YORK, NY – Today, Daymari Negron Rosado, represented by Kakalec Law PLLC, sued MicDavis LLC and Giovanni Pillco in Manhattan federal district court, alleging she was subjected to constant sexual harassment during her time working at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Ms. Negron, who was a crew member at the…
  • Law360: The High Stakes of Arbitration And Interstate Commerce
    Daniela Porat at Law360 interviews Kakalec Law attorney Hugh Baran in reporting on the debate over who counts as a transportation worker “engaged in” interstate commerce and thus exempt from the Federal Arbitration Act. The full story is available here (https://www.law360.com/employment-authority/wage-hour/articles/1474020) and excerpted below: Law360 (March 16, 2022, 7:17 PM EDT) — Whether certain workers…
  • NWLC, Kakalec Law File Equal Pay Lawsuit Against Zoetis Alleging Company Maintained Stark Gender-Based Pay Disparity
    Case filed on the eve of Equal Pay Day NEWARK, NJ –  Today, Dr. Yvonne Schulman, represented by Kakalec Law PLLC, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), and Harrison, Harrison & Associates, Ltd., sued Zoetis, Inc. in New Jersey federal district court, alleging the company significantly underpaid her compared to at least two of her…
  • New York Times: Hindu Sect Accused of Using Forced Labor at More Temples Across U.S.
    The New York Times reports on our clients’ lawsuit: “A prominent Hindu sect that operates a New Jersey temple raided by federal authorities earlier this year is facing new accusations that it forced hundreds of low-caste workers to labor at worship sites across the United States under dangerous conditions for little pay.” Read the New…

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