Wage and Hour

Litigating wage and hour cases is a key component of Kakalec Law’s practice. We have deep experience and expertise representing workers who are victims of wage theft and who have claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, New York Labor Law, and other state and local laws.   Kakalec Law brings both individual and class cases, and negotiates settlements apart from litigation.

Among those we represent:

  • Employees who are illegally treated as independent contractors (and are not paid overtime as a result);
  • Employees who are treated as “exempt” salaried employees, even though they do not meet the legal test to be exempt from overtime pay
  • Employees not paid for all of the time that they work (“time shaving”) – including work time before and after they are “on the clock”
  • Tipped employees paid illegally-low wages or improperly forced share their tips
  • Employees on public works projects – such as schools and other government buildings – who are not paid the required prevailing wage for this work; and
  • Employees simply cheated out of minimum wages and overtime pay

Tricia kept all of us very well informed as to the ongoing status of the case throughout its course. When we met with our employer and the mediator I felt that Patricia led us through the process with great care. She ensured that our interests and concerns were addressed and that we achieved the goals we had set in a reasonable and achievable way.  I highly recommend Tricia, she truly has an employee’s best interests at heart. (J.D.)


Kakalec Law also handles other types of employment matters, such as representing whistleblowers and litigating about employment contracts.   If you have an employment issue, we may be able to help.   Contact us at 212-705-8730 or by email to Patricia@KakalecLaw.com or Jennifer@KakalecLaw.com.