Employment Counseling

At Kakalec Law we provide guidance and counsel on matters that come up in the course of employment. Whether an employee wants to understand the consequences of a non-compete clause, needs assistance reviewing or negotiating an employment contract, or wants to discuss a thorny situation at work, we help employees understand their rights on the job so they can make the best decisions for their unique situations.

We also help employees who are separating from employment. We meet with employees to cut through the “legalese” in proposed severance packages, and negotiate with employers about the terms of severance.

The weeks after I lost my job were an uncertain and stressful time. I knew I needed an attorney to help me negotiate the terms of separation with my former employer, and I’m fortunate that a friend put me in touch with Patricia. Her patience with my many questions and her expert counsel were very reassuring throughout the process. I’m confident Patricia negotiated the best possible resolution on my behalf and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. (M.D.)


Kakalec Law also handles other types of employment matters, such as representing whistleblowers and litigating about employment contracts.   If you have an employment issue, we may be able to help.   Contact us at 212-705-8730 or by email to Patricia@KakalecLaw.com or Jennifer@KakalecLaw.com.