Disability Rights and Justice

Our disability rights practice, led by Maia Goodell, is centered on the enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and related civil rights laws. We specialize in helping people with all types of disabilities address individual and systemic discrimination, negotiate accommodations and achieve equity in:

  • employment
  • housing
  • higher education
  • transportation and
  • public accommodations

We uncover the intersection between our client’s circumstance and what the law can do to address it – and we deliver results. In addition to legal action, we work outside the courtroom, offering consultations about legal rights and support negotiating reasonable accommodations.

We also recognize that disability equity is intertwined with racial and other forms of injustice. We are committed to a client-driven, community-based approach to lawyering and to long-term, holistic solutions advancing equity and dignity for all.

We believe disability justice is a pathway to full and equal participation of everyone in society. Equality is a human right.

With Maia’s leadership, our team provides the highest level of legal expertise and insight, empowering our clients to accomplish their goals. Maia has served as individual and class counsel in state and federal courts and led groundbreaking disability class actions against major institutions, including:

  • New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) for the physical inaccessibility of its subway system
  • The City of Philadelphia for failing to make its sidewalks and pedestrian routes accessible to people with mobility and vision disabilities
  • Stanford University for its leave of absence policy violating the rights of students with mental health disabilities

To schedule a consultation, reach out to Maia directly at Maia@KakalecLaw.com or (646) 585-3165.

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